Portland Business Alliance Chair and TMT CEO Vanessa Sturgeon Cites Business Leadership as Key to Healthy Oregon Economy

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In the run-up to the Portland Business Alliance's annual Business Leadership Evening in early November, PBA Chair and TMT CEO Vanessa Sturgeon speaks to inclusive economic prosperity for Oregon.

"We want Portland to remain a destination where talented people — and businesses — desire to put down roots and build a legacy of their own. To that end, we are actively collaborating to keep the Portland-metro region's economy strong and thriving, with opportunities for inclusive economic prosperity.

“We know the key to realizing our vision of a healthy Oregon economy is private-sector employers, the large, medium and small businesses that make up our economic ecosystem. That is why we are committed to advocating on behalf of our members for a region that benefits everyone. For families to thrive, and for our social safety net to be strong, we need great companies that generate family-wage jobs … “

Read Vanessa’s full message in the Business Tribune.

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