Meet company founder Thomas P. Moyer of TMT Development in Portland, Oregon



1919 – 2014

Thomas Moyer was a quiet visionary who helped build some of the city’s most iconic and beautiful office towers, parks and theaters. Few have made a bigger mark on Portland, Oregon. His path to achievement is a purely Portland story about a gutsy adventurer, entrepreneur and family man.

Born in Portland in 1919, Moyer dropped out of high school to start a boxing career. “Tommy Moyer” won 145 of his 156 amateur fights and went undefeated in 22 professional bouts. If not for the outbreak of World War II, he would have boxed in the Helsinki Olympic Games. Moyer served four years in the Southwest Pacific with the U.S. Army’s 41st Infantry Division.

He learned the theater business at his parents’ Sellwood cinema. By the late 1980s, with the support of his wife, Marilyn, and their four children, Moyer had built his own theater empire across five states. In 1989, he sold his Luxury Theaters chain to Act III Cinemas, now Regal Cinemas, and retired (briefly) before venturing into real estate and development.

Moyer founded TMT Development in 1992. In the years that followed, his vision and commitment to the community not only helped transform Portland, it changed lives. Among other passions, he was a founder of New Avenues for Youth, an organization dedicated to preventing youth homelessness and supporting homeless and at-risk youth

Mr. Moyer’s granddaughter, Vanessa Sturgeon, was named TMT’s president and CEO in 2003.


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