Meet Executive Assistant Talia Means of TMT Development in Portland, Oregon


Executive Assistant to the CEO

Behind every successful CEO is a smart, organized, working-daily-magic executive assistant. Meet Talia Means, TMT’s executive assistant to the president and CEO. Her easy smile belies the focus and intensity of an air traffic controller. “I love being at the hub of an organization, supporting top executives and the team.”

Talia grew up in the Bay Area (Palo Alto and Santa Clara) and earned her bachelor’s degree in English from the University of San Francisco. Prior to joining TMT, she supported the president and CEO of the Skoll Foundation in Palo Alto.

Talia comes from a big Italian family. Her dad is one of 10 children and she has nearly 30 cousins in California. So why leave all that and move to Portland? “My brother and his wife were here, along with other friends who had migrated from California, so we had a built-in network. The culinary scene was also a big draw; Portland had a lot to offer.”

Her husband is a chef, so food is central to family life for Talia and their two young children. “Combining food and the outdoors is something we love. The farmers market at PSU, the food carts in Southeast, the city/nature vibe … and local adventures to beautiful, hidden places like Marshall Park.”

Talia admits to “having the brain of a planner and the ability to prioritize and run lists for just about everything.” As a talented writer, she brings a rare left/right brain balance to her work – which helps her stay informed on all aspects of TMT’s business.

Her ultimate dream is to publish a children’s book; so keep an eye out at Powell’s, you just might see her name on a book cover someday.