Meet Day Porter Sonia Fernandez of TMT Development in Portland, Oregon.


Day Porter

TMT’s Park Avenue West tower is Sonia Fernandez’ office. All 30 stories of it. As the day porter for this modern high-rise in the heart of Portland’s Central Business District, Sonia’s commitment to service delivers what she likes most about her job. “You get to make people smile. You feel appreciation. You do a good job and you feel great.”

Sonia moved to Oregon from El Salvador 25 years ago. She met TMT President and CEO Vanessa Sturgeon through her prior job. Vanessa brought Sonia to TMT in 2014.

How does Sonia manage to be everywhere she needs to be and take care of so many moving parts in such a big place? “I don’t stress. I just think things through and do what makes sense.” If only that kind of common sense wasn’t so uncommon.

As a longtime resident, Sonia’s favorite things are purely Portland: nature, reading, gardening, soccer and dogs. She loves all her animals, including chickens and geese (she sells the eggs), and the family’s two dogs. Camping at Diamond Lake is near the top of her favorite nature list.

Sonia lives in rural Hillsboro (west of Portland) with her husband and their two sons. She traveled a long way to get to Oregon and we love her willingness to go the extra mile for our customers.