Meet Building Engineer Jesse Christensen of TMT Development in Portland, Oregon.


Chief Engineer

Engineering skills are at Jesse Christenson’s core. His technical education and talent earned him a 12-year stint as a master technician with Harley-Davidson. Motorcycles are still Jesse’s side hustle, but childhood friend and TMT Chief Engineer Jeremy Ward brought him to TMT in 2016. (Thanks, Jeremy.)

According to Jesse, “The best part about TMT is that the whole company is amazing … the people, the tenants. There’s so much respect.”

With TMT’s respect and support for education, Jesse knows firsthand how challenging it is to juggle work, school and family. He’s finishing up his electrician course work and apprenticeship to earn two more classifications. That’ll be three years of juggling by the time he’s done.

For this Portland native, his own upbringing provides motivation for making time for what’s most important – even when things get crazy. “I grew up in a super-familyoriented place, surrounded with good people. Whether it was crabbing and boating with my dad in Tillamook, or riding motocross with my own kids today, family time really matters.”

For Jesse’s young daughter and pre-teen son, they see a dad who’s balancing work and family, improving the city he grew up in and respecting the nature that surrounds it.

That’s the Portland way.