Meet Building Engineer Tyzer Pelletier of TMT Development in Portland, Oregon.


Building Engineer

Building Engineer Tyzer Pelletier is another part of the pipeline of talented Harley-Davidson technicians drawn to TMT by the award-winning work environment, good benefits and a company culture that “feels like a tight-knit family.”

As one of most compact guys on the engineering team, he’s the one they call when there’s a tight spot that needs top-notch mechanical skills. “I’ve climbed inside walls and sump pumps to fix things because I was the only one who could fit.”

Aside from the occasional opportunity to play Houdini, what’s the best part of his job? “There’s no monotony. Anything can happen on any given day.” (For the record, Tyzer says the best part of his job is also the most challenging.)

Born and raised in Helena, Montana, Tyzer moved to Phoenix and graduated from Harley-Davidson, BMW and Kawasaki mechanics training there with a perfect GPA. He moved to the Portland area in 2012 and joined TMT in 2017.

When he’s not putting his phenomenal mechanical skills to work at a TMT property, you’ll find Tyzer spending time with his two sons and their two mutts, Max and Missy. Hikes, trail bikes, camping, the mountains and Oregon’s awesome nature are their favorite ways to spend family time.

And what about that name? “My parents named me after Tizer Lakes in Montana. It’s a different spelling, but that’s where it comes from.” What a perfect fit for a guy who loves the great outdoors and is raising his boys to love it, too.