Meet Vice President of Facilities Robert Pile of TMT Development in Portland, Oregon.



Puzzle master. Green leader. Dad.

Robert Pile graduated high school just outside of Portland. TMT Development was his first job out of college. That was 2006; he was an assistant property manager. More than a decade later, why still TMT?

“The support for learning and growth here, from our founder and our CEO, is important. It creates fierce loyalty. The company culture is in line with my values. We have titles, but the walls are low and we all help each other.”

In his current role, Robert loves “the puzzle of it all … good development is putting the right pieces in the right places.” His role in sustainable development and green building is a personal passion he brought to the mix at TMT

Robert led the effort to achieve LEED certification for the Fox Tower, TMT’s premiere Class A high-rise, and he continues to push TMT Development to the forefront of green best practices for businesses.

Robert holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of San Diego in both International relations and economics, and a master’s degree in real estate development from Portland State University. He serves on the Ambassador Board for New Avenues for youth, a nonprofit that empowers homeless youth to leave street life.