Meet Building Engineer Mike of TMT Development in Portland, Oregon.


Building Engineer

Mike brings a background in heavy machinery and auto repair to his role as Building Engineer for TMT. His favorite part of working for TMT? He loves that every day looks different. One day he might be working on the HVAC system, while the next he’s diving into electrical and access control systems.

When he’s not keeping things running smoothly for TMT, he loves to explore nature with his kids. His passions have brought him to places all over Oregon and Washington as both an avid hunter and experienced dirt biker, allowing him to hit some of the PNW’s best motocross tracks. He feels lucky that his youngest shares many of the same interests, but his all-time favorite pastime is watching his son play baseball.

On working for TMT, he says “I’ve always wanted to be an engineer. I’d heard great things about working for TMT, so I jumped at the opportunity to join the team."