Meet Day Porter Marc Wilkins of TMT Development in Portland, Oregon.

Marc Wilkins

Property Manager

In his role as Property Manager, Marc Wilkins handles a range of operational responsibilities and ensures seamless interactions between tenants, vendors, and the TMT team. Maintaining open lines of communication is paramount to his role and something he finds both rewarding and enjoyable.

Marc is a natural conversationalist and says building relationships with tenants is what initially drew him to the industry. His journey in property management started in 2017 in an operations admin role. He moved up quickly, becoming an assistant property manager within the first two years.

Having heard good things about TMT, when Marc was presented with an opportunity to join the team, he jumped on it. “I enjoy always building on my experiences and expanding my knowledge. I really admire my colleagues that have 20 or more years of experience.” Marc says he also looks forward to working toward his real estate broker license, which will allow him to do even more in his role.

A Portland-area native, Marc loves exploring the city’s vibrant food scene. He’s an avid runner and enjoys staying active. Marc’s education is in Fine Arts, and he is always looking for ways to incorporate his passion for creativity into his profession.