Meet Senior Vice President Lamont Smith of TMT Development in Portland, Oregon.



Executive. Change-maker. Artist.

They could put Lamont Smith’s picture in the dictionary for “Renaissance man.” He’s a visionary for new construction and development, and assists with day-to-day operations. His résumé is a lively example of how a guy from East Lansing, Michigan, can (almost) change the world.

Before joining TMT in 2002, Lamont studied business at the University of Houston and went on to climb the ladder in the hotel industry. He worked with the original Red Lion Hotels company, gaining extensive experience in operations and marketing management and serving as executive vice president. Lamont oversaw management contracts and site development for North America’s largest franchisee of Starwood Hotels, and went on to serve on the board of directors for Starwood/Sheraton and as vice president of the American Hotel & Motel Association.

In the Pacific Northwest, his impact is far-reaching. The next time you go to Portland's Centers for the Arts, the Oregon Convention Center or the Rose Quarter, think of Lamont. He helped make those developments happen. He even had a hand in the food served at Trail Blazer games.

From mayoral appointments to board membership and leadership, this change-maker has done it all and then some:

  • Washington State Governor’s Tourism Industry Council (chair)
  • Washington Restaurant Association
  • Portland Business Alliance
  • Central City Committee
  • Metropolitan Exposition Recreation Commission (chairman, commissioner)

Outside the office, Lamont is building the Portland’5 Centers for the Arts Education Program, supporting the National Hockey Association and creating original modern art masterpieces.

No matter when or where you meet Lamont, it’s the best part of your day.