Meet Day Porter Kausha Shah of TMT Development in Portland, Oregon.

Kausha Shahs

Operations Assistant

Keeping everything running smoothly and on track is where Kausha Shah reigns. As Operations Assistant, she provides invaluable support to the TMT team and vendors, including property managers, engineers, and janitorial staff. Kausha’s role is what she calls “a fun mix of all kinds of things.” She is the go-to for coordinating access and scheduling and is a master at managing ever-changing priorities.

Kausha cut her teeth in operations and facilities management in the tech industry. Just as she decided to change industries, she came across TMT Development on a ‘top places to work’ list and realized it was a fitting next step.

Letting nothing slip through the cracks on her watch, Kausha maintains a cool and calm demeanor through any situation. While there are many challenges to confront each day, she says it keeps things exciting with no two days ever alike. A special perk to her job, she finds learning the history behind each building and how it was built fascinating.

Outside the office, Kausha spends time cooking her favorite Indian dishes, flavors she misses dearly since moving to the U.S. in 2017. Kausha loves the mix of originality, culture, and outdoor activities in Portland. When she’s not hanging out with friends, she’s reading and geeking out over something she finds fascinating.