Meet Chief Engineer Jeremy Ward of TMT Development in Portland, Oregon.


Chief Engineer

In a company where everyone feels like family, Jeremy Ward got the real deal. His dad, Gary, started at TMT in 2004 and Jeremy joined in 2007. Jeremy’s expertise in electrical, mechanical and plumbing (and carpentry before that), along with an apprenticeship, professional education and on-the-job training, offer just the right blend of skills for our chief engineer.

The best part of his job? “It’s different every day. Rarely are two days the same. The variety and the people interaction are what I like most.”

The most challenging part? “It’s different every day. I try to plan, but one phone call can change the whole day.”

Thankfully, this Portland native is as good at problem solving and juggling the job du jour as he is with tools. And his sense of humor doesn’t hurt. As Jeremy admits, “I like a good laugh.”

That sense of humor comes in handy with two pre-teen kids, whether they’re shooting hoops, dirt biking, snowboarding or just hanging out. Like much of the TMT team, the nature that surrounds Portland is a big part of how Jeremy spends his leisure and family time. Local trips to Mount Hood and the Oregon Coast are among his favorites.

The next time one phone call reroutes your entire day, think of Jeremy. Then find your sense of humor, have a good laugh and get the job done.