Meet Maintenance Manager Brian Hug of TMT Development in Portland, Oregon


Maintenance Manager

TMT Maintenance Manager Brian Hug is the first to admit it. “I can’t leave anything alone.” In Brian’s way of working, everything can be made better. The big stuff. The little stuff. Whether it’s his job or not, he notices everything – and does something about it.

Brian comes from a family of drivers and racers and people on the move. As a former drag racer himself, you can see that drive in how he approaches his work. He’s also part of a pipeline of talented Harley-Davidson technicians who’ve been drawn to TMT by the company culture and award-winning work environment.

In his role, Brian interacts with vendors, contractors, inspectors and others as the face of TMT. That responsibility is complemented by his diverse prior experience and a customer service focus that helps him relate to people at all levels.

Born in La Grande and raised in Portland, Brian’s passions outside of work draw the same intensity as his day job. His “art” is custom motorcycle design. He makes a “hard to beat” ribeye steak and is a lover of fine chocolate and great coffee. His love for all things Oregon is also undeniable. The great outdoors. Local food. All of it.

“I love Mount Hood like it’s a person.” And Brian Hug has the tattoo to prove it.