Thomas P. Moyer is the founder of TMT Development Company, Inc. From humble beginnings, he chose not to finish high school in order to pursue a professional boxing career. His last amateur fight was a split decision loss to Sugar Ray Robinson, after which both Moyer and Robinson moved on to professional boxing careers. He is an AAU and Golden Gloves champion and trained as a member of the US Olympic Boxing team for the Helsinki Olympic Games. He did not get an opportunity to compete, however, as the Games were cancelled due to the break out of World War II.

After his boxing career Moyer focused on theater business, following in his family's footsteps. In 1966, he opened Eastgate Theater in Portland, Oregon, the first multi-screen theater in the region. During the 1970s and 1980s, Moyer grew his theater chain throughout Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Nevada and California. By 1989, he owned 298 screens, making it the nation's tenth largest theater company at the time and the largest privately-owned theater company in the United States. In 1989, he sold his Luxury Theaters chain to Act III Cinemas (now Regal Cinemas).

After the sale of his theater chain Moyer ventured into real estate and development. In the 1990s and 2000s his major projects included the 1000 Broadway Building, the Fox Tower, Hayden Meadows and many other properties throughout the Portland area and Washington state.




LAMONT SMITH - Senior Vice President

ROBERT PILE - Associate Vice President

NICK FRITEL, CFA - Chief Financial Officer

BRAD BERMAN - Sr. Project Manager

Refinement Israel - Marketing Manager & Executive Assistant

Meagan Morrow – Office Manager

Cristin Bansen – Director of Operations

Alycia Costa – Property Manager

Tanja Miljevic – Associate Property Manager

Sean McCarty - Accountant

Rebecca Cowan - Accounting Assistant

Jeremy Ward - Chief Engineer

Esteban Agosto - Limited Maintenance Electrician

Gary Ward - Maintenance Manager

Sonia Fernandez – Day Porter


Portland, OR is one of the country's leading cities when it comes to sustainability, and TMT Development is proud to call it home. It is an incubator for all things green - from city wide composting programs to our substantial bicycle commuting infrastructure and mass transit system. From this culture comes TMT's commitment to doing our part to improve our city but also to serve as an example to other cities and developers across the country.

The partnership we have created with the Fox Tower is an important component in helping us create an exceptional experience for our employees and the clients we serve. The services provided by the building's management team reflect our own commitment to providing best-in-class service, and we are fortunate to call the Fox Tower home.
James M. Paustian, Director, UBS Financial Services